February 14th, 2011

It is very important that throughout the time you instruct your solicitor you retain copies of all documents. You should also keep originals. Quite often clients dispute their solicitor’s bill. This can be for various reasons. This can happen during a crucial time in litigation when things need to get done. Your solicitor will not do any work unless he is getting paid for work carried out and provided money on account. There is a rule that so long as you owe your solicitor money (even if the bill is in dispute) your solicitor can hold all your papers as security. This is known as “a lien”. This can be seriously detrimental to your case as you will not be able to instruct another solicitor to take on your matter without all necessary documentation. It is therefore imperative that you keep copies of all documents that you provide your solicitor throughout litigation process. Ask your solicitor to provide you with copies of all documents that come into existence from the time you instruct your solicitor. If you do this then you can dispute your solicitor’s bill and in the meantime instruct another solicitor to deal with your case.